Snowvember Cripples East Coast, Stranding Thousands of Commuters — and a Camel

An early snowstorm brought several inches of snow to cities that were not prepared for it.

Thursday was the commute from hell for people in the Northeast, as thousands of commuters were stranded when an early winter storm dumped more snow than predicted on the area. 

Photos showed people packed like sardines inside New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, where many waited for hours. Traffic was a standstill on the George Washington Bridge, as commuters tried getting home from New York City to New Jersey. Some frustrated drivers got out of their cars and walked down the bridge, leaving their vehicles behind. 

The first snowstorm of the season caught much of the East Coast off guard, causing horrendous problems. Stranded students at a school in New Jersey kept their spirits up with a sing-along to "Frozen." The children, trapped because buses could not get to them, ended up sleeping on gym mats.

In the middle of all the snowy chaos, a camel was spotted along the side of the highway in Pennsylvania. Einstein, as he is known, was being transported from a petting zoo when the trailer carrying him got stuck. His handler thought he'd be safer tethered outside of the truck.

All together, the storm dumped about 6 inches of snow on the area, which is a relatively small amount. But it seems that this early in the season, officials were not prepared.