Soccer Player Hiannick Kamba Presumed Dead in 2016 Found Alive Working at German Energy Supply Company

Hiannick Kamba is a former soccer player.
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Hiannick Kamba was a youth soccer star in Germany before he was believed to die in a car accident in 2016.

A rising soccer star who was presumed to have died in a 2016 car crash is actually alive and well, German newspaper Bild reported

Hiannick Kamba was believed to have died while on a trip to his home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and his ex-wife allegedly collected life insurance money after his death, the paper reported. 

Kamba's case came to light amid an insurance fraud investigation into his ex-wife's actions, Bild reported.

Kamba has not been charged himself and may testify against his ex-wife in the case, CBS Sports reported.

Since returning to Germany, Kamba has been working as a chemical technician at an energy supply company, according to Bild.