Son of 2 Canadian Billionaires Increases Reward in the Search to Find Parents' Killer

Split image. On the left is Bernard Sherman and on the right is Honey Sherman
From left: Bernard (Barry) Sherman, Honey ShermanToronto Police Service

Barry Sherman, the founder of the drug company Apotex Inc., and his wife, Honey, were found dead in Dec. 2017.

Five years after the deaths of two Canadian billionaires, their son announced an increase in the reward amount for information leading to their arrests.

Barry Sherman, the founder of the drug company Apotex Inc., and his wife, Honey, were found hanging by belts around their neck in the pool area of their Toronto mansion in Dec. 2017, Toronto Police said

After five years of police exhausting their investigation into who killed the couple, the family is now offering an even higher reward to anyone with information on who took the lives of the two billionaires, CBC News reported

"Closure will not be possible until those responsible for this evil act are brought to justice," Jonathon Sherman, the couple’s son, told CBC Toronto. 

With that in mind, the younger Sherman has increased the $10 million reward by $25 million, bringing the total reward up to $35 million, CBC reported. 

The investigation began as an undermined cause of death with options being a double suicide, murder/suicide, or double homicide. A little over a month after the incident, police announced they were pursuing it as a targeted double homicide and have been exhausting their efforts since. 

In 2021, investigators released a surveillance video of someone walking in the neighborhood that they believed to be a suspect and requested help from the public, according to police.

“The timing of the appearance is in line with when we believe the murders took place,” Detective Sergeant Brandon Price said. “Based on the evidence, we are classifying this individual as a suspect.”

Price described the suspect to be between 5’6” and 5’9” in height, and believed to have had no reason to be in the area at the time. Police are hoping either the person will come forward to clear their name or that someone recognizes them. 

“It is our hope that someone will come forward with a name when they recognize the individual’s walk, the way in which they kick up their right foot with every step, knowing that the person was or is connected to the Sherman family or the area on that day at that time,” Price said. 

“Your information is urgently needed to help solve this crime and bring those responsible to justice. We cannot let another year pass without justice being done,” Alex Krawczyk, the couple’s daughter, said in a statement. “My heart is broken. My loss is immeasurable. My children have lost their grandparents. We miss their guidance, love, and wisdom.”

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