Sons of Murdered Mom Attack Her Killer in Court

The brothers attacked their mother's killer during his sentencing hearing.

Chaos erupted in an Ohio courtroom after two brothers attacked their mother's killer during his sentencing hearing.

Video from WFMJ shows one of the sons leaping over a table and lunging at convicted murderer Dale Williams Sr. The other son is seen running and grabbing Williams by the foot and dragging him to the ground.

The brothers appear to punch and kick the 62-year-old Williams as deputies and court personnel try to subdue them. Eventually, one of the men is tased by a deputy. Williams was whisked out of court and taken to a hospital to be evaluated, according to authorities. 

Jerome Stewart, 23, and Anthony Dees, 30, were arrested and charged with assault, contempt of court and obstructing official business, according to online records. They are expected to appear in court next week.

"We had extra officers there to begin with," Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene told WKBN-TV.  "I'm sure they knew that there were some tensions with this sentencing hearing. From everything I can see, the officers acted appropriately. In fact, did a pretty good job, in my opinion."

Williams' sentencing hearing was postponed to Monday. The Youngstown courthouse was closed after receiving two bomb threats, authorities said. 

The defendant had pleaded guilty to aggravated murder in the 2017 shooting death of former girlfriend Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart.

He acknowledged waiting 45 minutes for Pledger-Stewart to drive to work, then rammed her car off the road and shot her to death in broad daylight when she got out of her vehicle, prosecutors said. Williams emptied his weapon, hitting the woman several times.

He was still firing when police arrived. He intended to save one bullet for himself, prosecutors said, but ended up firing all of them at his ex-girlfriend. 

He faces up to 23 years to life in prison.