South Carolina Teen Awakes From Wisdom Teeth Extraction Convinced She's Engaged

Playing South Carolina Teen Thinks She's Engaged After Dental Surgery: 'My Dream Ring!'

A South Carolina teen was convinced her best friend had put a ring on it after she awoke from wisdom teeth surgery. 

In the thrall of some powerful anesthesia, 17-year-old Emily Tanguay was captured on video earlier in September bawling after finding a ring on her finger on the way home from the dentist.

"I'm engaged?" the emotional teen asks. 

"Who do you think you're engaged to?" her mom, Christine Storey Smith, replies. 

"I think Caleb," Emily responds. "I mean, for real? It’s my dream ring! He's so sweet."

Smith said her daughter was referring to her best friend. 

"Caleb bought her a Pandora ring for Christmas, which she wears all of the time," Smith told T&T Creative Media.

Added Smith: "She apparently thought she was engaged, when she isn’t!”

Check out the hilarious video above. 


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