South Florida Teacher Taken to Hospital After Incident With 5-Year-Old

Elementary school classroom, desks and blue chairs, alphabet and posters on the wallsElementary school classroom, desks and blue chairs, alphabet and posters on the walls
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A Pine Lakes Elementary school teacher was taken to a nearby Hollywood hospital after being found in a "dazed" state following a 5-year-old's meltdown.

A Florida teacher was taken to the hospital after an encounter with an upset 5-year-old student that left her "dazed" and "unresponsive," according to officials.

A heavily redacted Pembroke Pines Police Department incident report said that the Pine Lakes Elementary school teacher, who has not been identified, was found “sitting on the ground against the wall" and "appearing to be in a faint state" by first responders, according to NBC News.

Officials say this was the result of an incident that began when a 5-year-old was removed from his class because he was throwing things and flipping over chairs. 

In an effort to get him calm, he was taken to a “cool down” room, and this is where the incident allegedly occurred. 

According to the report, the instructor was "clearly weak and dazed," able to "blink and breathe regularly but at no point was able to vocally respond or show signs of a response."

The teacher was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood and has since been released, officials said.

A police spokesperson told NBC News that the child is still being investigated for possible "aggravated assault with hands, fist and feet," but it is not likely he will be criminally prosecuted, as prosecutors would have a hard time showing he was able to determine right from wrong.

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