'Sports Illustrated' Cover Model Danielle Herrington Reveals She's 'Very Single,' Marks Valentine's Day With Parents

Herrington says she's "honored" to grace the cover of the magazine's annual swimsuit edition.

The 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl is telling Inside Edition she is “so excited” and “honored” to have been chosen for the coveted spot, and despite the achievement, she does not have a Valentine. 

Danielle Herrington, 24, hails from Compton, Calif., and currently lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. She's the third black model to land the cover, following Tyra Banks in 1997 and Beyonce in 2005. 

Herrington came to the Inside Edition studios Wednesday with her parents and said she is going to be spending Valentine's Day with them because she is "very single." 

The model also said that she does not want a typical box of chocolates as a gift, preferring a cheeseburger for the romantic holiday. 

Her proud parents, Darryl and Theresa, are excited for their daughter's big moment in the spotlight. 

"I couldn't be prouder," Theresa told Inside Edition. "She has wanted this since she was 11. To see this moment happen — can you imagine? As a mom, how proud I could be? She is amazing!"  

Darryl said it wasn't a big deal seeing his daughter in a skimpy bikini for the magazine, saying "this is her dream and as a dad, who am I to block her dream?"  

The young model says she will be spending Valentine’s Day with her parents. 

Remarkably, she only started her modeling career last year and has already landed the cover of Sports Illustrated. 

Herrington and Banks have now become fast friends and it was the America's Next Top Model host who told the young model that she landed the cover on Monday night. 

On Tuesday night in New York City, the duo hit the red carpet to the premiere of Black Panther wearing matching headwraps.