St. Vincent Volcano Erupts Three Times in a Week After Being Dormant for 42 Years

This is the first time the volcano has had major activity since 1979.

The La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent and the Grenadines had not erupted since 1979, but that has since changed. In a matter of days, it has erupted three times. This has prompted Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves to issue mandatory evacuation orders.

During the eruptions, La Soufriere ash plumes spewed as high as 50,000 feet.  Official state that there could be even more explosions in the next few days or weeks. They add that the ash could affect travel to surrounding areas like Barbados.

St. Vincent has a total population of about 100,000, and 16,000 of those residents who live in the “red zones” near the volcano were the ones who evacuated. Cruise ships are taking them to neighboring islands like Jamaica, Guyana and Antigua, which have offered to assist.

Luckily, Gonsalves reports that there have been no deaths or injuries so far. He’s also encouraging Vincentians to stay calm.  

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