State Troopers Gift 4-Year-Old With New Stuffed Animal After He Lost His

Credit: Rhode Island State Police
Credit: Rhode Island State Police

His mother said she was moved by the gesture.

State Troopers in Rhode Island gifted a boy with a new stuffed animal cheetah after his flew out the window while he driving home with his family.

Stephanie Ketcher said she was driving home to Brooklyn when her son, 4-year-old Will, accidentally dropped his toy cheetah out of the car window in Rhode Island.

Will was devastated so his family sat down to write a letter to the Rhode Island State Police, not expecting to receive a response. Will even drew a picture of the toy, named Roger, so police would know what he looked like.

State troopers decided to gift the 4-year-old with a new stuffed cheetah and sent it to him in the mail. They also sent a note that said the new cheetah was looking for a home in the "Big Apple."

“Before we sent him to you, we had to make him a Cheetah Trooper – the first Cheetah Trooper in the history of the Rhode Island State Police," the note read.

Will’s mom, Stephanie Ketcher, recalls that she and her husband were overwhelmed when the package arrived.

“In this box, there’s this beautiful stuffed cheetah, and a book about cheetahs, and that beautiful letter… I was moved to tears.” And Will, she said, was “absolutely gleeful. He just felt so special.”

Will named the cheetah Rhody.

“This is just such a beautiful gesture of human kindness, it leaves me speechless," Ketcher said.