Steve Buscemi Dressed Up as a Meme of Himself for Halloween in Brooklyn

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Getty Images

Fans got to take pictures with the actor in his native borough as he handed out candy.

For Halloween, Steve Buscemi dressed up a character he played that has become a meme and handed out candy in Brooklyn

Buscemi, 63, dressed up as his character in “30 Rock,” Lenny Wosniak, wearing a red tracksuit, backwards cap and carried a skateboard.

In the show, Wosniak was hoping to blend in among younger students, but his disguises weren’t that convincing.

The character then became a meme for people trying to relate to the younger generation, with the tagline: “How do you do, fellow kids?’

Fans said the actor was happy to take selfies with them and some posted the pictures to Twitter.

Some trick-or-treaters were surprised to see the actor back in his native borough.

One 13-year-old, Stella Wexler Rush, told the New York Post she wasn’t sure if anyone else recognized Buscemi but she asked for a picture. 

“It was crazy I didn’t know he lived so nearby."  “It was nice meeting him. It was just this unexpected surprise.”

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