Stormtroopers Lead Funeral Procession for 'Star Wars' Fan

The flowers on Roger Conway's coffin spelled the word "Jedi."

When science fiction fan Roger Conway passed away earlier this month, his family knew the perfect way to honor him.

They threw the 41-year-old a Star Wars-themed funeral in Somerset, England, complete with Stormtroopers, lightsabers and flowers that spelled out the word "Jedi."

"My brother has loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember," his sister, Tara Conway, said in an interview, SWNS reported.

Conway, who passed away on Feb. 2 following a battle with Type 2 diabetes and organ failure, loved to collect Star Wars memorabilia and toys, said Tara, who named her own son "Harrison" after one of the franchise's actors, Harrison Ford.

"I only wanted to give my much-loved brother a good send-off," she said.

On Friday, a black stormtrooper and a white stormtrooper walked ahead of the hearse as it headed to Yeovil Crematorium. Stormtroopers then carried Conway's coffin, which was decorated with flowers reading "Jedi," into the crematorium.

Sci fi fan Roger Conway had a 'Star Wars'-themed funeral. - SWNS

The "Imperial March" played before the service, where more than 60 mourners wore Star Wars T-shirts and suits. After the service, they exited to the closing theme song from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The stormtroopers were provided by a costuming group, the U.K. Garrison. They were honored to be part of Conway's funeral service, the company said on Facebook.

"A huge Star Wars fan, Roger stated before he passed that it was his dream to have Stormtroopers lead his coffin into his service," they said. "Today we helped fulfill his wish and we sincerely hope our attendance helped his family just a little bit on such a deeply sad and difficult day for them.

"RIP Roger and we hope we gave you the send-off you wanted."