Stowaway Falls Out of Plane, Lands Feet From Man Sunbathing

Kenya Airways planes parked in Nairobi.
Getty Images

The man's body was apparently frozen solid, according to a neighbor.

A British man sunbathing in his garden got quite a surprise when a body fell out of the sky and landed just feet from him on Sunday. 

The body was apparently that of a man who officials believe stowed away on Kenya Airways flight KQ 100 from Nairobi to London, according to the Metropolitan Police. Authorities said that it appeared the man fell out of the plane as the landing gear was lowered on the plane's approach to Heathrow Airport.

Inside the plane, officials found a bag, water and food in the landing gear compartment. 

A neighbor told APTN that he heard a "loud bang" when the body hit the ground

"The owner of the property concerned who was sunbathing at the time is obviously absolutely shocked," said local resident Tristan Jervis. "We do have a lot of planes coming over here quite often."

Jervis added: "It's highly regrettable and it's very, very sad."

Another neighbor, who was not named, said that the man's body hit the ground with a "whomp."

"He had all of his clothes on and everything. I had a closer look and saw there was blood all over the walls of the garden," the resident told the Press Association.

The neighbor added that the man's body was largely intact, however, as it "was an ice block."