Student Reveals 20-Mile Route He Walked to Work Before Boss Surprised Him With a Car

Walter Carr walked for eight hours to get to work on time.

Walter Carr may be the most famous moving man in America after walking 20 miles to work on his first day. 

The night before, his car broke down, so he hit the pavement at midnight to make sure he'd get to the moving company by 8 a.m.  

He showed Inside Edition the route he took from his apartment outside Birmingham to Pelham, Ala. 

"It was a long 20 miles but I did it," he said.  

At one point he was so exhausted, he sat down for a quick breather. That's when police came to investigate. After Carr told them his story, they were flabbergasted. 

Carr will soon graduate college. When Luke Marklin, the  CEO of Bellhops Moving,  found out what his new employee did, he gave him his own car

"Walter didn't give up on us, Walter didn't back down, Walter showed us what values really mean," Marklin said. 

"He is a really cool guy," Carr added.

Carr says the job is “hard work” but he enjoys moving boxes and loading trucks. 

"My message to people is don't give up,” Carr said. “No matter what the issue is, you can pull through."