Students Give Former Slave a Proper Memorial

Students Give Former Slave a Proper Memorial
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More than 150 years after Lucy Foster's death, students erect a headstone in Foster's memory.

A former slave finally gets a proper memorial, more than 150 years after her death.

Students from the Academy at Penguin Hall in Andover, Massachusetts, had been working on a project about Lucy Foster, who was born in Boston and became a slave when she was just 4 years old.

Freed at age 16, Foster returned to care for her former owner, Hannah, as she aged. After her death, Hannah left Lucy some money, a cow and an acre of land. Historians believe Lucy ran a tavern to support herself and was also a stop on the Underground Railroad.

While researching Foster’s life, the students found out she was buried in an unmarked grave in a church cemetery, WCVB reports.

The students raised enough money for a headstone. It has been erected in the spot where Foster is believed to have been buried.