Supercell Storm Over Montana Looks Like an Alien Spaceship

Mothership supercells have an extreme, rotating upward draft, which can produce hail, flash floods and even tornadoes. 

A giant storm system captured on video over Montana looks like a giant spaceship descending on earth. But it’s actually a unique type of severe storm system called a mothership supercell. 

Meteorologist Simon Brewer is a storm chaser who shot video of the storm.

While he’s encountered supercells before, he’s never seen anything as impressive as this one. 

“It looked like a giant mothership from another planet,” Brewer said. “I would not be surprised if other people who had never seen anything like this thought maybe another lifeform was coming to take them away.”

Another storm chaser drove right under the supercell, which has an extreme, rotating upward draft. It can produce hail, flash floods and even tornadoes. 

Although they’re rare, it’s best to stay away if you ever encounter one.

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