Supermarkets Identified as Most Frequent Place People Had Visited Before Positive COVID-19 Test: Study

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Americans are being warned to stay out of supermarkets because of the danger of COVID-19. The warning comes amid new research that shows a clear link between COVID-19 exposure and grocery stores.

One study found that the most frequent location people had visited prior to testing positive was a supermarket.

"We know that grocery stores will not necessarily have optimal ventilation," said UCLA Fielding School professor of epidemiology Anne Rimoin. "And it's very hard to control who you're around and how long you're around them, particularly when you're waiting in line."

The CDC is advising all Americans to order groceries online for home delivery or pickup.

Meanwhile, a new coronavirus strain discovered in California may be responsible for 24% of new cases in the state. But there is also good news: hospitalizations are down in many states, including New York and California, indicating a potential end to the surge of cases due to holiday gatherings.


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