Surveillance Video Shows Desperate Bid to Save Dog Stuck in Escalator

The incident is now serving as a cautionary tale for animals on escalators.

A frightening video shows a woman's desperate effort to save her dog after the animal became stuck on an escalator at Los Angeles International Airport and was pulled into the landing grate. 

As Lulu the dog struggled to get free, the owner, Ina Siegel, did all she could to save her pet.  A quick-thinking passerby then hits the escalator's emergency stop button. 

Cops had to unscrew the grate to free the dog's paws. 

Lulu needed 38 stiches in her paw but is now recovering. Miraculously, she did not break any bones. 

Siegel told Inside Edition that it was a truly harrowing experience. 

Escalators can be very dangerous for pets. Those grates at the top of the escalator can chew up a dog's paws, and even cause death.

Safety experts advise carrying dogs when on an escalator, or take the elevator or stairs if you must walk your dog.