Swedish Man Discovers 9-Foot Tall Anthill With 300,000 Ants Inside While Hunting

The anthill is over 9-feet tall and is home to around 300,000 ants.

A 91-year-old Swedish man hunting in a forest north of Sweden recently made an unexpected discovery when he found an enormous ant colony. 

The anthill is over 9-feet tall and is believed to be the largest in Scandinavia.

Researchers say it’s home to around 300,000 ants and dates back to the 18th century.

Scientists say ants go for the height because the higher they build, the more sun the hive will catch, making it more warm and cozy inside the colony.

One Norwegian scientist believes the anthill was around when well-known Swedish botanist Carl von Linne traveled through the area.

He’s known as the “father of modern taxonomy” for coming up with a system to name organisms.

It’s amazing to think that he could have seen the early stages of this now massive ant complex.

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