Talented Pups Shine and Show Off Surfing Skills During Brazil’s Dog-Surfing Festival

The Surf Dog Festival in Natal takes place annually.

Over the weekend, several talented dogs did an excellent job of hanging ten during the Surf Dog Festival in Natal, Brazil.

During the competition, dogs surfed alongside their owners on paddleboards. But it was safe as beginners were given life-vests to ensure their safety in the water.

Participant Ivan Moreira says his dog Bono has been out with him since he was just a 40-day-old ball of fur.

He got Bono into paddle-boarding for exercise, and just like Ivan and his dog, the board and Bono instantly clicked.

First-place winners were Parafina and her owner, Augusto Cesar. Before this, the pair had previously won silver and bronze medals at the world championships.

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