Meth-Fueled Murderer Taylor Schabusiness' Family Tree: Dad Sexually Assaulted a Minor, Husband Busted By Feds

Inside Edition Digital has compiled a history of Schabusiness, from her early run-ins with the law, the losses she suffered, and the crimes that have put her, her husband, and her father behind bars.

It took a jury less than one hour to convict Taylor Schabusiness of murdering her longtime friend and occasional paramour Shad Thyrion.

That is the same amount of time it took those jurors to determine that Schabusiness was of sound mind and not mentally insane when she committed the crime.

Schabusiness now sits in a Wisconsin jail awaiting her sentencing as she follows in the footsteps of both her father and husband, who are also currently serving time behind bars.

But how did a 25-year-old mother find herself in this position?

Through the examination of public records, court documents, obituaries, and testimonies delivered during her trial, Inside Edition Digital has compiled a history of Schabusiness, from her early run-ins with the law, the losses she suffered, and the crimes that have put her, her husband, and her father behind bars.

Before She Became Taylor Schabusiness, She Was Taylor Coronado

In November 1997, Marla and Arturo Coronado welcomed a daughter, Taylor Denise Coronado.

When she was just 11, Schabusiness lost her mother, according to testimony Arturo gave in court just last week. Her father also noted that she lost her only sibling when her brother, AJ, was in a motorcycle crash and died at the age of 22 just last year.

After the death of her mother, her father remarried. That marriage fell apart however after her father was accused of raping a minor in his care.

Coronado is now serving a 12-year sentence for second-degree sexual assault of a child, according to Brown County court records. He was sentenced a week before his daughter after pleading no contest.

Second-degree sexual assault of a child in Wisconsin is classified as "sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a person who has not attained the age of 16 years."

The alleged victim in that case was just 13 when she claims that Coronado raped her in her bedroom, according to the criminal complaint obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

That complaint initially charged Coronado with two counts of first-degree sexual assault with a person under the age of 16 by use of force or violence, but the district attorney made the decision to reduce the charges to two counts of second-degree sexual assault for reasons that are not explained in the docket.

In his deal with prosecutors, Coronado agreed to a no contest plea to one of those two counts and the second count was read in to the record but dismissed according to the court docket.

The docket also shows that Coronado filed a notice with the court earlier this week stating that he intends to pursue post-conviction relief.

Coronado was briefly represented by Quinn Jolly in those proceeding, the same lawyer his daughter attacked in court back in February.

The victim was a relative of Coronado's then-wife, who filed for divorce just a few weeks later. Her lawyer for those divorce proceedings was Christopher Froelich, the same lawyer who defended Schabusiness.


Taylor Schabusiness: Wife and Mother

Taylor married her husband, Warren Schabusiness, on Valentine's Day in 2020 and he has stood by her during her trial.

The pair are parents to a toddler son who is living with his grandparents in Texas, according to Schabusiness' attorney, who shared the information at a court hearing earlier this year.

Warren, whose legal surname is Schabow, is serving time after being convicted of federal drug charges.  According to the probable cause affidavit filed in that case, he “conspired with others to distribute and possess with intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing in excess of 500 grams of a mixture of substance contains a detectable amount of methamphetamine.”

That conviction came after Warren agreed to a deal in which he entered a guilty plea to the charge that he "knowingly and intentionally possessed with intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine."

The charges stem from a traffic stop on Nov. 13, 2020, during which members of the Ashwaubenon Police Department discovered 46 grams of methamphetamine that a witness said belonged to Schabow, according to a federal complaint filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

He is now serving his sentence at FCI Oxford, a medium-security facility in Wisconsin, with federal records showing a July 25, 2024 release date.


In a Facebook post from earlier this year, Schabow wrote that he was "framed" and that he "beat a Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine charge and plead to a possession with intent to deliver" charge because it was "the best deal."

He also noted in that post that he would be out by January of next year, if not sooner, because of the First Step Act. That is the bipartisan bill passed by Congress in 2018, which "allows inmates to earn increased good conduct time, offers earned time credits for completion of recidivism reduction programs and/or productive activities, and expands opportunities for inmate placement into residential reentry centers or home confinement," among other things.

A letter defending Taylor Schabusiness written by her husband, who is in a federal prison. - Facebook

He also posted a letter in November of last year claiming that his wife is not to blame for the murder of Thyrion, but rather the drugs he alleges were given to her that day.

In a post a few months later, shared just after Schabusiness attacked her attorney in court, Schabow wrote: "I know what she's being accused of, is not who she is. not only has her addiction played a big role, but so does her mental background, as well as post-partum depression. I just want my wife to get help, professional help, because it's what she deserves. like I said my prayers go out to my wife, I love her more than anything in this world and this will never change no matter what."

Schabusiness' Legal Troubles Begin

Schabusiness' legal troubles began after she met her husband, with her first felony arrest happening on June 21, 2020.

On that day, Officer Mackenzie Teske responded to a request for a "welfare check on a female that just knocked on [a man's] door and seemed to be under the influence of narcotics," according to the complaint obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

The complaint alleged that when the police officer approached Schabusiness, she asked, “Why do I have to stop for you?”

"Officer Teske then walked up to Taylor and asked her what was going on and she stated she was not sure and was on a different planet right now," the complaint says. "Taylor said she had just shot up earlier in the day and showed Officer Teske her fresh track marks on her arms."

When another officer arrived on the scene, things allegedly took a turn.


"Taylor started to get argumentative with officers and started to walk away. Officer BL stopped Taylor from walking away because she started to walk into on-coming traffic," the complaint says. "While Officer Teske was trying to index Taylor through Brown County teletype, she continued to make strange comments that did not make sense and at one point asked, 'Are you taking a s***?' Taylor continued to make absurd comments and was acting strange."

The officer says in the complaint that he again stopped Schabusiness from walking into traffic, and that is when he claims Schabusiness started kicking him. When the other officer came in to assist, she also attempted to kick him, accoridng to the complaint.

Schabusiness was charged with resisting arrest and battery on a member of law enforcement. 

She entered a no contest plea to the battery charge and was put on probation for three years while also being ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, court records show.

Her next brush with the law came two months later when she allegedly led Officer Cameron Boersma on a high-speed chase after he attempted to pull her over, according to a complaint obtained by Inside Edition Digital. 

The complaint alleges that after attempting to pull over a speeding car, the driver accelerated while running red lights and at one point almost hitting in a biker. 

After a few minutes, cops decided to try a PIT maneuver, claiming in the complaint that "the driver of the car was still continuing their driving behavior, high rate of speed, swerving all over the lanes, and not caring for any other drivers except for themselves."

The officers then say they watched Schabusiness manage to avoid the PIT maneuver and take off into a parking lot at the complex where her father lived.

Officers say they managed to grab her when she exited the car. They then search the vehicle.

"In the front passenger compartment, which she would have control area of by reach, Officer Boersma observed a black little kit. This kit contained a syringe that had a crystal-like substance still on the plunger end as well as portions of the plunger itself. Officer Boersma also observed a little baggie that contained a crystal-like substance that subsequently tested positive for methamphetamine," says the complaint. "Officer Boersma also located an off-white rubber elastic band commonly used as a tourniquet for intravenous drug use as well as a clear baggie containing multiple small, little cotton balls, which from my training and experience are used as micro filters for persons that use drugs intravenously. "


This offense resulted in charges of knowingly fleeing or eluding an officer, bailjumping for not adhering to the guidelines of her probation from her previous offense in June, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing an officer.

In a deal with prosecutors, she agreed to enter a no contest plea to the charges of fleeing and obstructing an officer. In January 2022, she received two years probation for eluding police and three months in local jail for the bailjumping. 

That local jail sentence got reduced to house arrest, however, and one month later Schabusiness murdered Thyrion, officials said.

The Murder of Shad Thyrion

Schabusiness decapitated, mutilated and sexually assaulted Thyrion before scattering his body parts, according to court documents filed by the prosecution.

Schabusiness willingly spoke with police after her arrest and told officers she decapitated Thyrion, 25, during sex, according to the criminal  complaint.

"At one point during the interview, Schabusiness stated she could feel the Victim’s heart beating still as she was choking him, so she kept pulling and choking him harder, but the Victim would not die and that he just kept 'rebuilding into muscle,'” the complaint said.

Thyrion's "face turned purple, blood was coming out of his mouth, but she did not stop," the complaint continued.

When speaking about how she allegedly choked the victim to death with a chain, Schabusiness allegedly commented, “Yeah, I liked it.”

At that point, Schabusiness allegedly dismembered Thyrion's lifeless body with knives she found in his kitchen.

She also allegedly told officers that she sexually assaulted his corpse.

"Schabusiness stated the plan was for her to bring all of the body parts with her but she got lazy and only ended up putting the leg/foot in the van and she forgot the head," the complaint said.

The Green Bay Police Department began searching for the victim's body parts, a task that Schabusiness allegedly found very amusing.

“Schabusiness responded that the police were going to have fun trying to find all of the organs,” Brown County ADA Caleb Saunders wrote in the complaint.

Parts of Thyrion were found "in a Jimmy Choo bag, alleged body parts in an Under Armour bag and in a Crock Pot box found in the Chrysler mini-van," reads the complaint. "The defendant apparently blacked out as she reported to police."

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