Taylor Schabusiness Loses Insanity Bid as Convicted Pedophile Father Appears in Court to Offer Testimony

Father and daughter seemed nonchalant during the court proceedings on Thursday. The two even mouthed "I love you" to one another as dad Arturo exited the courtroom.

A Wisconsin jury rejected the insanity plea of the married mother convicted of murdering, decapitating, sexually assaulting, and then mutilating her sometime paramour.

Taylor Schabusiness will now be sentenced next month on counts of homicide, third-degree sexual abuse and mutilating a corpse.

The jury convicted Schabusiness of those charges after deliberating for 50 minutes on Wednesday following a three-day trial.

Once again, jurors were unanimous in their decision and required less than an hour to determine that Schabusiness was not mentally ill and knew right from wrong when she murdered Shad Thyrion, 25, in February 2021.

The jury arrived at its decision after spending the day hearing testimony from witnesses who spoke to Schabusiness’ state of mind.

This included Schabusiness’ father, Arturo Coronado, a convicted felon who arrived to the courtroom wearing his prison jumpsuit while handcuffed and shackled in chains.

Father and daughter seemed nonchalant during the proceedings on Thursday. The two even mouthed "I love you" to one another as Arturo exited the courtroom.

Schabusiness then added: “Go Bears.”


Coronado is currently serving a 12-year sentence for second-degree sexual assault of a child according to Brown County Court records. He was convicted just last week after pleading no contest.

He testified that his daughter’s mental state had been fragile ever since the deaths of her mother and brother, then blamed her husband, Warren Schabusiness, for exacerbating his daughter’s already weakened state.

Warren, whose legal surname is Schabow, is serving time after being convicted of federal drug charges. According to the probable cause affidavit filed in that case, he “conspired with others to distribute and possess with intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing in excess of 500 grams of a mixture of substance contains a detectable amount of methamphetamine.”

That conviction came after Warren agreed to a deal in which he entered a guilty plea to the charge that he "knowingly and intentionally possessed with intent to distribute a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine."

Psychologist Diane Lytton appeared in court on Thursday to share her evaluation of the client, testifying that Schabusiness told her "she had a thing with Jeffrey Dahmer a year ago” while on the witness stand.

Lytton also said that after speaking to Schabusiness she does not believe that the 25-year-old murderess is of sound mind. The psychologist said that the convicted murderer does not know "how to act in court" and referenced how Schabusiness physically attacked her former defense attorney during a pretrial hearing in February by way of example.


That defense attorney, Jolly Quinn, had also represented Schabusiness' father during his criminal proceedings, according to Brown County Court records

Lytton said she witnessed that anger firsthand when she met with Schabusiness in February. The psychologist testified that Schabusiness refused to speak about the case during their first meeting, and at one point hurled a chair at Lytton.

She said in court that she believes Schabusiness is suffering from "command hallucinations" that can cause her "to hurt herself or other people.”

Lytton also noted in court that Schabusiness claims she had a relationship with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who died 29 years ago at the hands of a fellow inmate — before Schabusiness was born.

Prosecutors meanwhile said that the question was not if Schabusiness is of sound mind, it is if she was of sound mind when she murdered Thyrion.

Schabusiness allegedly admitted to killing Shad Thyrion while being questioned by police and said she took pleasure from sexually abusing his corpse before dismembering his body with a bread knife. 

When speaking about how she allegedly choked the victim to death with a chain, Schabusiness allegedly commented, “Yeah, I liked it.”

She will be sentenced on Sept. 26.


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