Taylor Swift Meets Texas Boy With Autism After Donating $10K for His Service Dog

The 8-year-old boy with autism was over the moon to meet Taylor Swift.

For Jacob Hill, an 8-year-old with autism, the world can be an overwhelming place.

He is extremely sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. But he was able to withstand both this weekend at a concert by his pop music idol, Taylor Swift. 

She has done a great deal for her small Texas fan.

She already donated $10,000 toward a service dog for Jacob. His name is Reid and he is big, puffy animal that never leaves Jacob's side, even when he's hanging out underneath a table. 

Then, with no advance notice, she sent front row tickets to Jacob's family for her Saturday concert in Houston. She also sent backstage passes.

His mother, Allison, told InsideEdition.com that the family practiced all week to get Jacob to say "Hi, Taylor." 

But once they were backstage, Allison said, "I didn't know if he was going to be able to say it." There was a lot of noise and a lot of people.

Jacob, with Reid in tow, "grabbed her face, pulled her hair back and he goes, 'Hi, Taylor,' and it was so sweet!" his mother recalled.

"She was just so kind about it."

A photograph was taken of the two, but "the flash just scared him to death," his mom said. "He just buried his head in her shoulder and started snuggling up with her, and she just snuggled right back with him."

The celebrity immediately put Jacob at ease, despite all the overwhelming stimuli assaulting the child's senses.

Swift bent down and "looked at him in his eyes and she said 'Hello.'''

The boy and his dog had a blast, Hill said.

"She had already done so much for our family, it just blew us away," the mother said.