From Teachers to the Mail Carrier, the Best Tips on Tipping This Holiday Season

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz is breaking down who should be tipped and how much they should get.

Christmastime also means it's tipping time, but how do you determine who gets a few extra bucks and if so, how much?

To find out, Inside Edition spoke to lifestyle expert Erika Katz about how to break it all down. 

When it comes to your children’s teachers, she advises going for a personal touch, she said.  

“It is always best for parents to come together and get one gift all together for that teacher." Katz said. "But then, it is always nice for your child to make a card or gift for that teacher as well." 

Under federal regulations, mail carriers are not supposed to accept cash tips, but small gifts are fine. 

"An appropriate gift for the mail carrier is something small, something like $20 in value, and you can just take it and leave it right in the mailbox with their name on it," she said. 

At the salon, she says an appropriate tip would be "the price of one service.” So if the service cost you $50, leave them $50 as a holiday bonus tip. 

As for the baby sitter or a housekeeper, the rule of thumb is one week's pay.

If you live in an apartment building you probably have multiple people to tip.

"Give the super a little bit more because they take care of everything that goes on in the building," she said. 

She has another rule, which is not to go broke tipping, explaining that it really is the thought that counts. You can bake cookies or make something for someone. 

"If you really can’t afford it, maybe you can make something so they know that you remember them," she added.