Team USA Curler Matt Hamilton Goes Viral After Fan Spots Resemblance to Super Mario

Team USA appeared to agree, sharing photos of Hamilton and the Nintendo character with the caption, "Spot the difference."

One-half of the history-making U.S.’s Olympic curling team is winning over fans for a reason that has nothing to do with his skill or speed, but his resemblance to the longtime face of Nintendo, Mario.

The similarity between Matt Hamilton, 28, and the most well-known fictional Italian plumber — whose full name is Mario Mario — was first spotted by an Olympics viewer Wednesday night.

“Just watching the olympics during my night class and we have Mario on our curling team!!” the fan wrote.

The U.S. Olympic Committee replied with two photos positioned side by side. One picture showed Hamilton on the ice, while the other featured Mario’s head superimposed on Hamilton’s body.

“Spot the difference,” Team USA wrote.

“These two pictures are the same,” the eagle-eyed fan joked back.

The posts quickly went viral as others on social media have commented on the supposed uncanny likeness.

“I see the difference... the one on the right is missing the back shoe,” one user wrote. “Or is it the difference in the size of the nose?”

Though the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will officially open on Friday, the games have already begun.

Hamilton and his sister Becca Hamilton were among some of the first competitors to take to the ice.

The pair defeated Anastasia Bryzgalova and her husband Alexander Krushelnitskiy of Russia in the mixed doubles curling tournament, the first of its kind.

It’s the first time that they have ever had like a two-on-two slot format in the Olympics,” Matt Hamilton told before he and his sister set off for the games.

The siblings decided to try out for the sport after it was announced that it would be included in this year’s Olympics.

"We decided that we should try out for it because it is another opportunity in the Olympics," he said, noting the added advantage of competing with his sibling. "[The] brother-sister duo. Who could beat that?"

The Hamiltons have also qualified for single-gender curling, which means they could be on the ice for up to 50 hours over 18 straight days.

Curling, which Hamilton described as a mix of shuffleboard, chess and bowling, is the longest of any Winter Olympic sport, starting before opening ceremonies and ending just hours before the Olympic torch is extinguished.

“Nice to get out on the ice, surprisingly didn't feel any jitters,” Hamilton told reporters after the win.

He also made sure to retweet the photo of his video game doppelgänger.