Team USA Star Has Wedding Ring, Key to City Stolen 3 Days After World Cup Win

Allie Long became the victim of a crime the night the U.S. Women's National Team appeared at the ESPY Awards.

World Cup winner Allie Long found herself the victim of a crime after her hotel room was robbed Wednesday, the night of her team's appearance at the ESPY Awards.

“Someone stole my wedding ring, cash and the key to my favorite city after just receiving it from my hotel room,” she posted on social media. 

Long was staying at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. According to the police report, Long and her husband left their hotel room door slightly ajar to visit another room about 9 p.m. They returned an hour later. The next morning, they discovered their valuable items were gone. 

Long was given the key to the City of New York during the ticket tape parade earlier Wednesday afternoon celebrating the team's World Cup win Sunday. 

“Do you make copies NYC Mayor? I would love a new one," she tweeted

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio responded Friday “hang in there, Allie. Don't worry about the key. Like any good New Yorker, we keep a spare for our neighbors! We got you covered."

Police say they are reviewing surveillance video at the hotel.