Teen and Her Dad Recreate Special Photo at Her Graduation

It was a special moment for the pair.
Courtesy of Tori Roach

A high school graduate recreated a special moment with her father on her graduation day. 

Tori Roach, 19, graduated from Huntsville High School in Texas in May 2018, 18 years after her dad, and the pair wanted to celebrate the moment with a remake of the photo he took with her on that special day in 2000. 

“We found the old picture of me and him when we were going through my baby photos to display at my graduation party and my aunt thought it’d be a good idea to recreate once I graduated,” Roach told InsideEdition.com.

Roach's graduation was held at the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum, the same stadium her dad graduated in, so it was a full-circle moment for them.

“My dad said it made him feel really old,” Roach said of the moment. 

The teen never expected her tweet of the side-by-side photos to go viral. The photos have been retweeted more than 67,000 times. 

She now has the photos displayed together in her dad’s living room. 

“It was really special to me,” Roach said. “I feel like it brought us closer together. I think it was a unique experience.”


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