Teen and His Classmates Go Crazy as They Learn He Got Accepted Into Harvard

Playing 16-Year-Old Goes Nuts When He Gets Accepted to Harvard

A heartwarming video from Louisiana shows the moment a 16-year-old high school student and his classmates in an exuberant celebration as he finds out he's been accepted to Harvard.

More than three million people have watched the joyful video, making it the top trending video on social media. 

Ayrton Little was sitting on pins and needles as he stared at a computer screen to find out whether he would get early admission to the nation's top-ranked university while surrounded by his peers. 

When he learned the news via email, so did the rest of his classmates. 

He attends a private school in Louisiana and you can hear his classmates chanting "three-peat,” because it's the third year in a row that someone from the school has been accepted to Harvard. 

Little’s brother, Alex, found out he was accepted to the prestigious Stanford University last Friday with the same amount of anticipation and excitement. 


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