Teen Tackled by Security After Rushing Field to Hug Dodgers Star Cody Bellinger

Paola Garcia said it was worth it to meet Cody Bellinger.

A teenager with a serious crush on her favorite ballplayer was tackled by security after she rushed the field to give him a hug. 

Paola Garcia, 15, was so determined to meet Los Angeles Dodgers star Cody Bellinger that she dashed onto the field in the middle of a game.

"Just him, just seeing him, it's like I have to meet him," she told Inside Edition.

She took the opportunity to make her move while her mother was in the bathroom. 

"I went full speed, I sprinted and I jumped over," she said. 

Security intervened, wrestling her to the ground.

"As I was tackled, he said, 'You know you are going to jail, right?'"

But Paola said it was totally worth it, though she understands why security had to intercede. Fortunately, she faces no charges, she said, though her mother has grounded her for a year.

"I just want to say I'm sorry," she added.