Teen Uses Her Face as Her Canvas to Create Elaborate Portraits

Mariah Malik said her paintings can take around 12 hours to complete.

A United Kingdom teen is using her face to create art

Mariah Malik, 18, paints elaborate scenes on her face. From portraits out of popular films to pictures of nature, Malik’s masterpieces take hours to create. 

“They take seven to 12 hours to complete usually, and I do it in front of a mirror,” Malik told SWNS. "It’s all freehand and I just start my drawing after assessing the angles and contours of my face.”

Surprisingly, she said she doesn’t get bored sitting in front of the mirror because her finished pieces make it all worth it.

Some of her most popular portraits, like a scene from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” and a painting inspired by the recent Netflix film “Bird Box,” have garnered thousands of views on social media.

“I’ve not seen anyone do this kind of thing before, maybe doodles but definitely not full-on masterpieces like this,” Malik said.

The teen started out small two years ago, painting simple drawings and cartoon characters on her face before progressing to more complicated artwork. She said likes to use face paint instead of makeup.

“When I started off, I was not so good, but I've managed to improve my skills a lot,” she said.

Malik said her hardest piece thus far has been a painting she did of New York City.

"I generally work during the night.... [It] was hard to capture all the lights and scenes over the buildings,” she said. “My face is my canvas.”