Teen Who Looks Like 'Mean Girls' Star Rachel McAdams Says She Didn't See the Resemblance

She said she was shocked once she realized the similarity.

A Namibian teen whose photo went viral because she bears a striking resemblance to Regina George in the hit movie "Mean Girls" said she initially “didn’t see the resemblance.”

Clarisse Muller, 16, said she’d seen a lot of movies starring Rachel McAdams, who plays Regina in the 2004 film, but it’s not something that crossed her mind until Afterbreak magazine posted her photo and social media users began pointing it out.

"At first, I didn’t see the resemblance at all until I did some investigation myself, and oh my!" Muller told InsideEdition.com. "What a resemblance."

Muller was the runner up for the 2018 Miss Namibia pageant and the magazine posted her photo on their Twitter account to tease an interview with her, but they weren’t expecting the craze that followed.

The magazine's tweet has been liked nearly 400,000 times, and the sudden attention caused their site to temporarily shut down.

Muller said she initially thought all of the attention "was weird," but now she thinks it’s fun.