Teenager Fighting for His Life After Horrific Hazing Incident

Trent Lehrkamp's father told police his son would return time and time again to hang out with the teens, according to a police report.

There is outrage today as a Georgia teenager fights for his life in the hospital after a savage hazing.

Trent Lehrkamp was dropped off at the hospital by some teenagers he had been hanging out with that night. He was barely breathing by the time he arrived and his blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit, officials said.

He was also covered in spray paint and urine, and the other teenagers left before cops arrived to investigate, according to officials.

Police are now sharing a photo that was taken that night of the young man.

Trent is seen passed out on an armchair, and covered in paint and garbage. A group of teens stand behind him, making obscene gestures.

His family says that this was not the first time his so-called friends had targeted Trent.

In one video posted to social media a week ago, Trent can be seen being taunted by teens. He sits in a lawn chair taking the abuse while being sprayed with a garden hose.

Trent's father said that his son would return time and time again to hang out with the teens, according to a police report.

"They knew what they were doing was wrong, they're not children," Trent's friend Cynthia Sykes tells Inside Edition. "Even children wouldn't do something like this, this is heinous, this is crazy."

Trent's plight has struck a chord with other families whose children have been victims of hazing.

Danny Santulli was left severely handicapped after a frat party at the University of Missouri. Video taken that night showed Danny in a green blindfold with his fellow pledges. His family says that Danny was told to finish an entire bottle of vodka in just a few hours.

He suffered severe alcohol poisoning and was left unable to see, walk or speak. His aunt Chrissy Prioleau helps care for him.

"It's getting to be such such an epidemic. You know, these kids are not learning," Prioleau tells Inside Edition. "They're not learning that what they're doing is so harmful - and you can die."

Trent is now off his ventilator and on the toad to recovery while cops are investigating what happened that night.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Trent's family with medical expenses.

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