Tennessee Boy Gives Back by Distributing Lucky Pennies to Police

He also delivers poems with the pennies.

A boy in Tennessee is handing out pennies to police as a way of giving back.

Kameryn Chebetar, 7, is on a mission to hand out pennies to officers to give them extra luck as they protect the community. “It’s called lucky penny,” Kameryn told local station WTVF. "[The penny is] for luck so they can get home safely."

Included with the penny is a poem on a piece of paper for officers to keep close. It reads: 

“Many times in life you just need a little luck.

If the path you’re on is bumpy,

Or you’re simply feeling stuck.

When you’re up against a challenge,

Or have something big to face,

This lucky little penny

May be your saving grace.”

The campaign is being called "Pennies for Police 2018" and it has its own Facebook page with updates on Kameryn’s visits.

"Every year we try to do something to give back and this year it was his turn to kind of make a choice and he said he wanted to do something for police,” Kameryn’s mother, Starr, told WTVF.

In return, police officers of Franklin County gave Kameryn, who one day wants a career in the field, his own coin and a badge.

"There is so much bad and negativity,” Officer Kameron Bolin, whom Kameryn was very excited to share a name with, told WTVF. “… To shed a little positivity on us, makes us feel really good."

With over hundreds of pennies doled out, Starr said they are getting requests for the lucky pennies at other police departments across the country including in North Carolina and Illinois.