Georgia Officers Who Arrested Woman After Flipping a Coin Are Fired

An investigation into the department has also been opened.

Two Atlanta police officers who arrested a woman — after using a coin-flip app to decide if they would — have been fired.

Police bodycam footage released earlier in July showed the two Roswell police officers opening the app to decide whether or not to arrest Sarah Webb after she was pulled over for speeding.

Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were fired Thursday, police said. 

Police Chief Rusty Grant cited policies that state officers should serve the public in a "kind, considerate, and patient manner" and should refrain from conduct that destroys public respect for the officer or the department.

Webb, 24, was pulled over by Brown on April 7.

Brown and Wilson were seen in their patrol car discussing whether to arrest Webb or give her a ticket before deciding to use a coin-flip app.

In the video, one officer says to the other "A heads, R tails,” – which means A for arrest and R for release. The coin appears to land on tails, but the officers arrested Webb anyway.

Brown said Webb was driving more than 80 mph on a section of wet road that has a maximum speed of 45, but she reportedly estimated her speed because she didn't have a radar gun.

Webb never denied speeding but told officers she was late for work. She can be seen sobbing as they arrest her.

After the video surfaced, prosecutors dropped all charges against Webb

City Administrator Gary Palmer announced on Facebook Wednesday that Roswell is conducting an investigation into the police department to look at "bigger issues."

"I am stunned by the lack of professionalism and compassion displayed by some of our officers," Palmer wrote. "Those who do not share these values and meet these community standards should be, and will be, removed from service."