Police Officers Seen Yanking 65-Year-Old Woman From Her Car in Disturbing Video

The 65-year-old was pulled over for failing to stay in her lane and refused to sign the ticket, leading cops to take another approach.

Video of an elderly Georgia woman getting hauled out of her car after refusing to sign a traffic ticket is sparking outrage. 

Rose Campbell, 65, was pulled over on May 4 for failing to stay in her lane in Alpharetta. 

In dashcam video of the incident that has now gone viral, an officer is heard asking the woman to sign a citation.

As she refuses, the officer said he was going to have to take her to jail.

Suddenly, other two other cops arrive on the scene. One of them begins screaming at Campbell.

"Hey — you're not in charge," he yelled. "Shut the f*** up and get out of the car." 

As she slowly stood up from her car, she asked the cop, "Who are you talking to?"

"You!" he forcefully answered. 

She was dragged out of her car and placed under arrest. 

She was heard screaming in the dashcam video. 
"I just panicked," Campbell told WSB TV. "I just, it was like my heart exploded. I didn't expect that in America. I didn't expect that in Atlanta. I didn't expect that especially in Alpharetta."

The incident begs the question: What are your rights, and do you really risk arrest if you refuse to sign a traffic ticket?

To find out, Inside Edition spoke to security expert Steve Kardian. 

"Understand that a motor vehicle stop is technically an arrest," he said. "If you don't sign it and promise to appear [in court], the officer can arrest you and bring you before a magistrate or have the desk officer set bail on you." 

The incident involving Campbell is under investigation.

Alpharetta Public Safety Chief John Robison released a videotaped statement. 

"As I was watching the video, I had some major concerns about what I was seeing there are aspects of this video that simply do not represent who we are as an organization," he said. 

The officer who screamed at the 65-year-old has since been suspended.