Dr. Oz Explains What to Do If You Go Into Labor While in a Car

If the baby can't wait, Dr. Oz has simple, helpful tips on what to do.

Would you know what to do if you were driving a mother-to-be to the delivery room and she started giving birth in the back of a car?

For tips on how to ensure a safe delivery, Inside Edition turned to Dr. Mehmet Oz.

If the baby won't wait, he says the first thing to do is get the mother flat on her back. Then, prepare for the arrival. 

Dr. Oz also instructed to have a towel handy. 

"You want to find something to catch the baby with," he said. "A towel will be great." 

Next, clear everything out of the way, make sure the mother-to-be has enough room, and get the towel into a spot to catch the baby.

It's important not to try to pull the baby once the head appears, Dr. Oz said.

“All you are going to see is the crown of the head," he said. "You don’t want to grab it. You want to allow it [to slide out] and catch the head. Once the head comes through, the shoulders will come through. Then, you want to take the child and put it on the mom’s chest."

If there is something in the baby's mouth, you can clean it out just by using one of your fingers. 

As for the umbilical cord, Dr. Oz says to just leave it be, since you will most likely be at the hospital in less than a half hour. 

Aside from that scenario, Dr. Oz has additional health tips. 

If you're with someone who looks as if they are about to pass out, he says to help them to the ground, get them on their back and try to figure out what is going on.

He says low blood sugar is the most common cause of fainting. He added that a little sugar water, even candy, will help determine whether that is the cause. 

He added that you should not wait too long to give your "patient" an item with sugar. 

If they're not responding and appear to be unconscious, Dr. Oz says to try what's known as the "Texas Two-Step."

“First thing, look at someone and say, ‘You call 911!'" he said. "That’s it, but look at somebody. Don’t just abstractly throw out the idea of calling 911. Point and say, ‘You call!'" 

The second part of the plan is to do chest compressions.

Take the palm of either of your hands and put it over the middle of their chest, halfway between their nipples and intersperse your other hand over it, lean forward, and let your body weight do the work as you push down. 

Dr. Oz says the speed of the compressions matter.

"You want to go at a rate of 100," he told Inside Edition.

A simple mnemonic device is to sing the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as you do the compressions. The rhythm and speed of the tune is how you can time them out. 

Keep that up until EMS arrives, and keep the person flat on their back.