Dr. Oz Explains What To Do If You Are Having a Heart Attack

Here's how to prepare for whatever life may throw at you.

Sticky situations can occur at any time, but would you know what to do to get out of them?

A heart attack can be a frightening experience, but you can boost your chances of survival if you remember some important advice.

Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. Oz Show tells Inside Edition to call 911 immediately, and if you can't, have someone nearby call for you.

He said that anyone at risk for heart disease should carry aspirin around. If you feel a heart attack is coming on, pop a tablet and chew it — don't swallow.  Chewing is better because it will activate quicker.

Dr. Oz also recommends lying on the ground to avoid falling and hitting your head.

"Don't run, because you don't want to consume any energy at all," he advised. "Lie down because that will raise your blood pressure up, which will pump more blood to your heart and it also takes the pressure off your heart because you don't have to do any activity." 

Inside your home, strange things can occur at any unexpected moment. 

If a bird lands on your head and gets tangled in your hair — what do you do?

Come from behind, says animal control specialist Paul Barletta. 

“Just shield your face, take the bird by the back of the legs and simply shoo him away,” he said. 

If a bird is stuck in the house, how do you get it out?

He says you don’t want to grab a bird since it could be infected with parasites. He says a broom is the most ideal tool to gently maneuver the bird into a room with a window.

“Close the door, open the window and he'll naturally go out,” Barletta said. 

Don't you hate it when your snacks are stuck in the vending machine? It can cause people to freak out, but there is a solution — and it doesn't involve shaking the machine. 

It is best to order something from above what you wanted because when the item falls, it could hit your snack and knock it loose.

It is also possible that if you order something from the same row, the vibrations could cause the stuck snack to shake out and fall. 

Another tip is to open and close the bottom flap to easily cause the item to fall out.