Tennessee Chick-fil-A Owners Offer Free Food for a Year in Exchange for Returned Sign

Sign of chick-fil-aSign of chick-fil-a
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Chick-fil-A in Alcoa, Tennesee, is missing their restaurant sign but the owners are offering a reward to get it back.

A Chick-fil-A in Tennessee is missing its trademark sign.

Chick-fil-A Hunter’s Crossing in Alcoa, Tennessee, has called on the public to locate the missing sign.

According to a social media post, whoever returns the sign will be gifted a free year of food from the chain for a year. 

The Hunter’s Crossing Chick-fil-A Facebook post stated that whoever returns the missing sign will be given 52 digital offer cards, “no questions asked.”

Those with information are asked to call the restaurant at 865-919-4786.

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