Texas Attorney Arrested While Dressed as 'Halloween' Villain Michael Myers on Beach Said It Was a Prank

Attorney Mark Metzger at Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier

Mark Metzger was cited for disorderly conduct before being released, a report said.

A Texas attorney who dressed as Michael Myers, the terrifying villain from the horror flick “Halloween,” and walked along the sandy beach holding a fake blood-covered knife, called it a prank before he was handcuffed by police, officials said. 

Mark Metzger, the Galveston, Texas, lawyer behind the prank, was cited for disorderly conduct before being released, a police spokesperson told The Galveston County Daily News.

Metzger wrote on his social media that he was "pranking" Galveston by wearing the get-up and posted a picture of himself standing near the Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier, the news outlet said.

Police were alerted to a report of a masked man with a knife with blood on it. Once officers arrived they learned the knife and the blood were fake, ABC affiliate KTRK News reported.

Metzger told the news outlet that he was trying to find “a little bit of positivity in the gloomy doom.”

“It’s something to be laughed at, it’s not a crazy guy with a chainsaw walking around, it’s a known fictional character with a kitchen knife,” he said.

The strange incident took place on Monday, a day when the courts were shut down due to Hurricane Nicholas. Metzger decided to have what he thought was a little fun, dressed in a scary getup for a stroll on the beach. 

He said as police approached him, he tried to remain “in character as the killer,” but the police weren’t laughing and that is when he decided to cooperate with the officers, according to the Daily News.

Metzger told KTRK that “it felt like a scene out of ‘Scooby-Doo’ after he handcuffed me and he pulled the mask off.” 

“It was like, ‘Oh, I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling Karens,'” Metzger said. 

He continued: "I just don't think they appreciate it that much. I guess there are some people out there that don't have a sense of humor or, you know, can't please them all."

Metzger acknowledged the misdemeanor charge, but said he was "still fuzzy" about what was illegal about his actions, the Daily News reported.

Even so, there were a few beachgoers who actually did appreciate it, with some even stopping for photos and playing the “Halloween” movie theme song.

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