Texas Dr. Bryan Cox Delivers Baby Boy of Mom He Delivered 25 Years Earlier

In 1995, Dr. Bryan Cox delivered a baby girl named Lauren Cortez. He never could have known he would help bring her own child into the world 25 years later.

A Texas doctor had the honor of delivering the first child of a woman he helped bring into the world 25 years earlier. 

In 1995, Dr. Bryan Cox delivered a baby girl named Lauren Cortez. 

Today, Lauren is married and living a happy life in San Antonio. 

“My mom had always talked very good things about Dr. Cox and she always mentioned how special he is,” Lauren said.

So when she became pregnant with her first child, there was no question who Lauren was going to turn to. She called Dr. Cox right away. He would go on to deliver Lauren’s son Logan.  

They even recreated the same photo her mother took with the doctor 25 years earlier. 

“I did not know she was gonna pull out her own picture of delivery!” Cox said. 

The photo was Lauren’s mother’s idea.

“I was like ‘oh my gosh, ok you've got to get that photo‘ and I just bugged her about it because I just thought ‘shes gonna forget, she might forget and I'm not gonna be there to remind her,’” she said. 

Cox says he’s looking forward to delivering more babies into this world.

“We are expecting a very big baby boom come December. Because that quarantine, there was only a few things you could do,” he said with a laugh.