Texas Woman Gives Birth to Identical Quadruplet Boys

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The chances were one in 15 million, but a woman in Dallas, Texas has given birth to identical quadruplet boys, and they were all delivered within three minutes. Jenny and Chris Marr said they were stunned when they were told they would be having four babies.

"I said no, we can't have four babies. I said no way," Jenny told Inside Edition.

The babies were conceived naturally, and are making history as one of 72 known cases of identical quadruplets in the world. 

After they were born, the little guys spent eight weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit with special protocols to keep healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody was allowed to visit, except for the parents. 

Now that the boys are home, the new parents have their hands full, and knowing who is who is a challenge.

"We do our best to try to keep them in order when we lay them out," Jenny said. There's Harrison, Hardy, Henry and Hudson, but even mom can sometimes get confused.

The proud parents say the boys are already developing a brotherly bond. And despite their initial shock, the parents are loving every minute of it.


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