Super Dad Invents His Own Feeding Device for Quintuplets

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This California dad is an expert at parenting — after all, he has seven kids, including quintuplets. 

Chad Kempel, 37, shared his tips and tricks of the trade with Caters News Agency, showing off his own inventions to speed up life with five little babies. 

“One of the first things we had to do was create a big playroom, somewhere where we knew they could all be at the same time without any dangers, we had to take anything sharp and valuable out for good," Kempel said. 

“We have made all sorts of things to help, including props to hold their bottles for them when feeding so we don't have to feed them one at a time and a custom table that can seat them all at once."

And finding a vehicle that could accommodate five car seats proved to be tricky, so Kempel outfitted his own, turning a transit van into a baby bus. He also equipped the car with a TV so his older daughters, Savannah, 4, and Avery, 3, have something to entertain them. 

“It’s a lot like the movie ‘Home Alone’ when we travel; I’ll be running in the front and we’ll have our army of children following behind," he said. 

Check out how Kempel and his wife, Amy, stay on top of all their children in the video above. 


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