Mom of Twins With Different Skin Colors Celebrates Their Special Bond

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These two little ones might not look alike, but they share a special bond. 

Kamsi and Kachi are twins, although some people don't believe it at first. Mom Judith Okechi remembers the moment the doctors placed Kachi in her arms after her birth in 2016.

"I was shocked, I didn't know what to say, it took me some time to realize this must be my baby," Okechi told

Kachi has albinism, and in the family's native Nigeria, people with it can face discrimination and, in some cases, violence. 

While Okechi lives in Canada, she says she was concerned about how Kachi would be treated.

"I was worried about if people are going to accept her, if she would be a victim of bullying," she said.

Another difficulty for the mom is that people often ask her where Kachi's parents are because of their different skin colors. 

"The biggest surprise is her twin brother, it's hard to believe," Okechi said.

But Okechi, a photographer, is on a mission to show her daughter just how gorgeous she is, snapping beautiful shots of her and her brother side by side. 

Check out the video above for more. 


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