NFL Superstar Matt Ryan Tries (and Fails) to Teach His 1-Year-Old Twins Football

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These 1-year-old twins are totally uninterested in their dad’s attempts to teach them football.

NFL fans may recognize Dad is Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, also known as Matty Ice. Ryan and his wife, Sarah, welcomed twins Marshall and John to the family last year.

Ryan posted a video of him trying (and failing) to play football with the twins on Twitter Tuesday, captioning it, "Thankful that my teammates follow directions better than these two.”

His sons, or ice cubes as he likes to call them, walk away from their dad while he tries to run through a play. Ryan can’t help but laugh at how uninterested his sons are at his attempts to teach them football.

But this isn’t the first time that Ryan has tried to get his sons into sports. He’s also played basketball with the twins in an adorable video he posted to Twitter in April. But the boys couldn't keep up with dad's impressive skills.

Fear not, though. These little ice cubes may not be NFL superstars yet, but with dad's help, they're on the way to greatness.


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