Baby Raccoon Misses Free Throw, Gets Trapped in Basketball Net

The frightened baby raccoon hissed at workers trying to rescue it.

For a trapped baby raccoon in Los Angeles, it was definitely all net.

The youngster somehow got itself entangled in basketball netting hanging from a backyard hoop. Rescuers from the Los Angeles Animal Services were able to dislodge the feisty raccoon, but not before it hissed like crazy at them and its mother emerged from under a house to supervise the rescue.

"We were kind of shocked," said Armando Navarrete, who shot video of him and his partner freeing the baby. "We thought she was going to attack us, but then it was clear she was only concerned about her young."

Mom scurried up a fence and peered at the two men from a garage roof.

After they managed to disengage the raccoon, they placed it on the ground.

"She did look at us and growled and then they both took off," Navarrete said.