7-Month-Old Puppy Chews Hole Through Owner's 'Nicest Blanket,' Gets Stuck

Zelda stares up at his owner, cheekily.
Zelda stares up at his owner, cheekily. (Mary Beth Albright)

A very good girl was looking awfully guilty after having chewed through her owner’s best set of sheets.

Zelda, a 7-month-old pup, is going viral after her owner shared photos of her with her head poking out of a hole she chewed through the blanket.

“I chewed a hole through Mary Beth’s nicest blanket while she was working and now my head is stuck please help me,” Washington Post food editor Mary Beth Albright tweeted.

She later posted a second photo of Zelda with her head though the same hole, but this time with a cheeky grin. It was captioned: “It was all worth it.”

The naughty deed was met with praise from the internet, garnering more than 6,000 retweets and 48,000 likes by Friday afternoon.

Albright later joked, “This dog is 7 months old and has cost 5 figures in destruction.”


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