Owner Dresses Up Dog and His Cone in Hilarious Costumes


A Canadian woman hilariously dressed up her dog up to have some fun while he had to wear a cone.

Kaitlyn Cotter said her 1-year-old dog Gus was recently neutered and had to wear a cone for two weeks. So she and her roommate, Hilary Turk, decided to get creative.

From McDonald's fries to a basketball hoop, Gus’ cone became their canvas. 

“The basketball net took us the longest because we were trying to figure out how to do that,” Cotter told InsideEdition.com. 

The pair made the basketball net by hand from yarn. To make Gus look like a slushy, they put tissue paper in his cone. Cotter said she got some of the ideas online, like the martini and the Pixar costume, but others she made up herself. 

There were a total of nine costumes that took anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to make, she said.

Cotter said Gus didn’t seem to have a problem with all the attention, considering he couldn’t go for walks while he recovered.

“As it went on, he actually liked it. When it got time to put the costume on, we were teaching him to sit and stay. He handled it pretty well,” Cotter said.  “He’s a trooper. He liked all the attention.”

Cotter posted the pictures online, where they viral.

“People were like ‘this is amazing,’” Cotter said. “If something that simple can make people happy, then that’s a good day.”


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