Bulldog Kills Woman's Cat, Then Nearly Kills Her

The Florida pet owner had no idea what was in store when she brought a dog home from the street.

Home surveillance camera captured a woman wrestling with a powerful bulldog that bit down on her arm. 

"He was just on a rage and he turned on me,” Sabreena Deen of Hollywood, Florida, told Inside Edition after the attack.

She is now recovering from the near-fatal attack earlier this month. 

Deen said that when she spotted Zeus the dog wandering in her neighborhood a month ago, the animal lover already had a menagerie of a cat, two dogs and birds. 

"The dog was very friendly, he was so sweet,” she said. “I would kiss him on the face and hug him and play with him.”

But Zeus was hardly gentle, and he eventually killed her cat, she said. Two days later, he went after her little dogs.

“I was doing everything I could to break them up and he was just rolling around and finally, he turned on me and clamped on to my arm and wouldn’t let go. I was trying everything,” she recalled. 

Video surveillance captured her arm bleeding as she tried to escape. She retreated to the house but Zeus chased her inside and bit a big part of her leg. 

Her father was seen trying to get the dog off her as she ended up climbing out the bedroom window. Animal control officers eventually arrived and caught the dog, who was later put down.

Deen had skin grafts to repair the wounds in her arm and leg, but it's Zeus she feels bad for. 

“I was sad, I started to cry because besides this situation he was a good dog,” she said. 

If you want to donate to help Deen, visit her GoFundMe page.