Texas High School Students Allegedly 'Pummel' Assistant Principal as She Tried to Break Up Fight

Westfield High
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Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the Spring Independent School District and its superintendent for comment on this story and has not heard back.

An assistant principal who was trying to break up a fight at a Texas high school was reportedly beaten up so badly she was rushed to the hospital, according to reports.

The unidentified assistant principal was caught on camera last week trying to break up a fight in the hallways of Westfield High School in Houston but was allegedly beaten by several students Thursday at the school’s 9th Grade Center, according to reports.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

One person, presumably a student, can be heard screaming, “Bitch! Bitch!” as the assistant principal is attacked.

Another person, also presumably a student, can be heard saying, “Everybody kick the ho!”

Teachers at the school say the students allegedly formed a mob and attacked the assistant principal, and the educators tell local news outlet WWNYTV this isn’t the first time students have injured staff members and fear it won’t be the last.

“It broke my heart. It makes me want to cry,” one teacher, who did not want to be named, told WWNYTV. “She loves those kids. She is the nicest person. She’s the best administrator that we have at Westfield High School.”

The same unidentified teacher spoke to Click2Houston and said "Three or four other kids jumped in on her. Just pummeled her to the ground, and they started kicking her and pulling her hair."

The students have not been identified publicly and the assistant principal who was allegedly attacked reportedly does not want her name made public.

The school board confirmed to the New York Post “a staff member who was attempting to intervene and stop the altercation was injured.”

“We are currently conducting a full investigation of all students involved, some of whom already have been identified for disciplinary action,” the district spokesperson told the Post.

The school board also told Click2Houston, "We take these issues very seriously as the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. There will be no tolerance for any altercations or disruptions to learning.”

On Wednesday, the Spring Independent School District returned Inside Edition Digital's request for comment on the matter and Sara Butler, the Assistant Superintendent, Communications for the district sent a lengthy statement via email and said there was no evidence of a planned attack against the administrator.

"The Spring Independent School District does not tolerate violence or disruptions of any sort to learning on our campuses. Regarding the student altercation that took place on Thursday, April 27 at the Westfield High School 9th Grade Center, there is absolutely no evidence of a planned attack against the administrator who unfortunately was injured during the incident," Butler wrote. "Our school staff and campus officers go through training to handle any such incidents on our campuses, and in this particular case, the administrator was doing what countless dedicated educators do each and every day – and that is to act in protection of our students and de-escalate conflicts. The district thanks this administrator and all who always focus on the safety of our students."

"Our investigation thus far has identified all students involved in what was a planned altercation between two female students. Disciplinary consequences have been assigned, ranging from placement in the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) or the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP). Additionally, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has accepted assault charges for one of the students involved," Butler added. "The safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority. Please know that just as we have a zero tolerance for violence and/or disruptions to learning – also effective immediately, those who video, barricade hallways, move to watch, or participate in any such way as spectators also will receive disciplinary consequences, as these actions incite more violence and heighten the severity of an already dangerous situation. As such, these updates, among others, will be included in our 2023-2024 Student Code of Conduct."



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