Texas Man Back Behind Bars After Allegedly Shooting a Woman While Driving for a Second Time: Reports

Nicholas Dagostino, 29, of Katy, Texas was arrested again Thursday.
Nicholas Dagostino, 29, of Katy, Texas was arrested again Thursday.(Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

Nicholas Dagostino, 29, reportedly told authorities he believes a woman's "sole purpose is to give birth to male children."

A Texas man is back behind bars for the second time in weeks after prosecutors said he shot at female drivers because he doesn’t believe women should be behind the wheel.

Nicholas Dagostino, 29, of Katy, was arrested Thursday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting a woman in the arm while she was driving, according to court documents.

The unnamed victim was reportedly driving out of a Shell gas station when she heard a loud noise, and felt pain in her arm. She didn’t immediately realize she had been shot, according to reports.

Investigators believe Dagostino is specifically targeting "female motorists in Katy," citing his Facebook posts in which "he rants and rambles on about motorists and how incompetent they are that their sole purpose is to give birth to male children," court documents stated.

The latest incident comes just three days after he was released on bond related to the charges for a similar incident in July, for which he spent more than a month behind bars, when a 39-year-old woman was shot in the arm by the driver of a Ford Explorer on a main road last month, authorities said.

"Just a few more inches and it could have been a fatal wound," the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told reporters. “We’re very lucky she survived her injuries.”

Dagostino told investigators at the time that she had been "swerving into the lane twice" and that he fired his gun in "self-defense," authorities said.

The victim denied there had been any road-rage incident leading up to the attack, and authorities said further investigation uncovered there may be more incidents in which he attacked other motorists.

"Here’s the interesting twist: He did admit through statements and other information we’ve received that he’s been involved in at least five other similar situations,” the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said. “Five other similar situations in which he discharged his firearm at other vehicles."

Dagostino’s defense attorney Ken Mingledorff reportedly said the allegations and charges come as a shock, telling local reporters, “The family […] is very very sorry for any problems or pain this has caused anyone.”

Authorities said they are still considering additional charges, and asks anyone with more information to come forward.

Dagostino is currently held on bonds totaling $400,000, and his next court date is Sept. 6.