Texas Officer Saves Toddler's Life After She Chokes on Marble

Plano Police Department
Plano Police Department

The ordeal was captured in police dashcam footage.

A Texas toddler is alive today, thanks to a quick-thinking police officer

Responding to a call about a deceased child in a local home, Plano Police Officer Coy Clements found the girl unresponsive last week.

"There was a female on the front steps laying there screaming. I entered the hallway in the house and another woman was holding an infant," Clements told InsideEdition.com. "I picked her up. I turned her over. She was non-responsive. It was clear she wasn’t breathing and eyes were closed."

Clements said he wasn’t sure how long the toddler had been unresponsive, but he immediately began delivering compression strikes to her back. He later found out there was a marble stuck in her throat. 

"Luckily some stuff came out and she started squirming around," Clements said. "It was clear she was trying to come to. At that point she started screaming."

Although the marble wasn’t removed at that moment, it dislodged to the point where the child was able to breathe again. She was transported to the hospital and is now doing better. 

Clements said he’s kept in touch with the family every day since the incident. 

“They are a great family,” Clements said. 

He doesn’t, however, see himself as a hero. He said the incident made him feel as though he is making a difference in his community.

"I honestly needed a validation that we are actually are here making a difference and so I felt it was a blessing," Clements said. "I kind of look at it as a thing any police officer would have done."